How to secure your Facebook account from hacking

In social media accounts, Facebook is probably the platform that users use most. Most people share their information on Facebook, it is important that SAFETY be given special care. There are also tools on Facebook that allow users to keep their accounts safe.

Generally it is heard that cyber criminals steal personal data from accounts. Along with this, the threat of online identity hacking is also there. Social account hacking is continuously increasing, but with some steps you can keep your Facebook accounts secure.

First log in to your Facebook accounts and click on the mark of Arrow given in the top right.

After that go to Settings.

Click on the Security and Login option.

Where you will see a list of gadgets that you have logged in to your Facebook account.

If you find any device that you do not login from, then your account is hacked. Click on the target of the 3 dots given against such a device where you will see a ‘not see’ option.

After that you will be prompted to secure your Facebook account and you will provide a Retail Guide to safeguarding your account, with an option to increase security.

You will get a logout option for this device and at the end of the list you will get an option to logout in all sessions at the same time. You can use two-factor authentication to secure your Facebook account. Those who work like your Gmail and Twitter, who will be able to log in from the new device after you create their own, get an SMS. Apart from this, you can also select your Trusted Contacts, so if your account is hacked, you can unlock your account with them.

With this, you can enable a alert so that you can get a message if your account is logged from another device. This message will be found on the messenger app as a message on a message, notification, or a registered email id.


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