Open The Account In The Post Office. This 5 Scheme Will Make You Millionaires

Now the post office is not only used to send a letter or courier but it is also an option to stop money and to become rich. There are many schemes in the post that you will not be able to stop becoming a millionaire.
Recurring Deposit

Recurring earns 7.1 percent interest in the compounding quarter and investing in 12 lakhs is about Rs. 1 crore zodiac in 30 years.
Kisan Development Letter
Compounding will earn an annual 7.3 percent interest and an investment of 11 lakh rupees is created in the 30 year time frame.
Sukanya prosperity scheme
It earns 8.1 taka per annum and will generate more than 6.9 million in 15 years of 12.5 thousand monthly investment.
Time Deposit
In this, 7.7% interest will be given in the quarter and the investment of 10 lakh will give you about one crore rupees in 30 years.
National Savings Certification
The National Savings Certificates Scheme will get an annual interest of 7.8%. In the 10 lakhs investment, you get a sum of Rs 1 crore in 30 years.

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