The plan has been prepared by the Modi government for Prime Minister's housing scheme

Keeping in mind the elections in 2019, the Modi government has prepared a major plan for the Prime Minister's housing scheme for urban and rural areas. In 2018-19, the government will provide home to 70 lakh families. For this, 21 lakh in urban areas and 49 lakh in rural areas will be built.

Training to provide 80 thousand people

In 2018, it was said that focusing on rural areas will create 49 lakh homes in a year. Not only that, about 80 thousand people will be trained in Mistry. For this, the Rural Development Ministry will allocate a budget of Rs. 21,000 crores. In addition to this, homeless people will also be given basic Amanitas.

Subsidy will also be available

Under the Prime Minister's Awas Yojna (City), the government has targeted to create 2.1 million households in 2018-19. Where the central government will give approval for projects of nearly three million new homes. The government's goal is that in the house that has become home, 75% of the houses will be entitled to ownership. 4514.92 crores for the government. The most attractive scheme of the scheme is subsidy on home loan interest. Under this scheme, subsidy of 3% to 6.5% will be given on the interest of home loan of EWS, LIG ​​and middle income group. The government's goal is that one lakh people will be provided subsidy in the year 2018-19. About 1,900 crores have been provided for this.

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