Over the past several years, there has been a fight between nation and country. The government has announced a 10% reservation for economically backward sections of the population, taking an important decision.

A mutual fund is both an investment and an actual company. This may seem strange, but it is actually no different than how a share of APL is a representation of Apple, Inc. When an investor buys Apple stock, he is buying part ownership of the company and its assets. Similarly, a mutual fund investor is buying part ownership of the mutual fund company and its assets. The difference is Apple is inthe business of making smartphones and tablets, while a mutual fund company is in the business of making investments.Mutual funds pool money from the investing public and use that money to buy other securities, usually stocks and bonds. The value of the mutual fund company 

This important decision was taken at the meeting of the Union Cabinet. These benefits will be available to those who are economically backward. This decision is likely to benefit millions to millions.

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