New Parinam Patrak std 6 to 8 Excel File 2019-20

New Parinam Patrak std 6 to 8 Excel File 2019-20

After reading this article it is also given a relevant PDF. So you can download and study. The link is also provided in this post so you can download.

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New Parinam Patrak std 6 to 8 Excel File 2019-20

School ma Bhanta Vidhyarthio nu Exam dwara Mulyankan karvama aavtu hoy che. Generally School ma Exam pachi vidhyarthio na paper chakasvana temaj paper chakasya pachi tarat parinam Banavvani karyvahi sharu thay che. 

Aavama Atyarni aadhunik technology ni madad thi computer par Parinam banavvanu khubaj saral bani jatu hoy che. Computer & Technology na upyog thi Mota bhagna Teachers Result Taiyar karta thaya che. Matra ek click karta aandli na terve j Result bani jatu hoy che. Bahuj saral rite ek click kari Tame excel file ma Result taiyar kari sako chho.

Aaje aa Article ma Vividh Dhoran na Parinam patrako banavvani excel file mukvama aavi che. Jema tame basic details enter karta Aapoaap j calculate thai ganatari ni second ma j Parinam patrak taiyar thai jase.

New Parinam Patrak std 6 to 8 Excel File 2019-20:
  • Std 6 to 8 Parinam Patrak 
  • Pragna Parinam Patrak 
  • Patrak : A+B+C+F Ane Fakt Patrak C + F 
  • Sarkar na chhela paripatra Pramane Taiyar karel RESULT 
  • Sarkare aapel DESIGN mujab j taiyar karel RESULT 
  • Sem-1 & Sem-2 na alag alag Tran(3) Prakare Parinam patrak 
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